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HPC Container Security: Fact, Myth, Rumor, And Kernels

The obvious need now for many to have to reimage their systems with newer kernel operating code to support any contained workloads that many in our community that thought we would be somewhat isolated from by actually containing our workloads has clearly caught a few out. It has essentially very much become the computational equivalent of a “Catch 22” that new software that promised to liberate us has now incarcerated us.

While it is certainly not quite at the same level as the recent Spectre/Meltdown issues, security challenges and version issues inside and outside of containers can now potentially paralyze activities in HPC centers while all the various threads and concerns are unwound, demystified and then all the appropriate patches are applied, and often reapplied. Kernel patches and updated software versions still, as they have always done, really matter.  We urge that we must also stick the course with all our work on containers. It’s not the fault of the containers, they are young, innocent, growing up in a complex and terrifying world, and they really are our future.

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