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Princeton University Department of Computer Science Computing

Singularity is a container platform which allows users to have full control of the environment in which their application runs. It is a safe and secure alternative to Docker, as Docker requires root access for much of its functionality, whereas Singularity allows the safe running of application bundles without requiring root privileges. It is even possible to convert Docker images to Singularity.

Our public computing systems offer Singularity at this time in order to enable the portability of highly specialized applications without some of the risks involved with other solutions such as Docker.

In order to use Singularity, you will need to create an image of your application. This image must be created in either a Linux, Mac or Windows environment, and then can be moved to any system on which Singularity is installed, such as our public computing systems, where it can be executed without administrative privileges. Details on downloading, using, and installing Singularity can be found on the Singularity page at LBL.

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