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Software for Accurately Identifying Locations Of RNA-editing (SAILOR)

SAILOR implements published methodologies to assess adenosine to inosine changes in RNA-SEQ data for easy identification of transcriptome-wide editing. The SAILOR pipeline is available as both a CWL workflow and as a Singularity container and is designed for ease of use to run with one command. It requires a BAM-formatted file of the sequence alignments, a FASTA-formatted reference genome sequence (of any organism or cell-type), and a BED3-formatted file of known SNPs. SAILOR allows the user to specify a range of filtering criteria including: Non A-to-I mismatch rate, location of mismatches (to account for biases at the end of reads), and a minimum read coverage required to call variants. Users may relax any of these filtering criteria and/or pursue analysis of A-to-I editing sites with lower confidence scores.

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