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Securing Quick Wins with AI

Securing Quick Wins with AI

Sylabs CEO, Greg Kurtzer will be moderating a panel of AI experts at Orange Silicon Valley’s upcoming conference, “Artificial Intelligence, real business – how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping business” being held in San Francisco on July 11th.  This conference will feature luminaries and Orange Silicon Valley partners as they discuss how advances in machine learning, machine vision, conversational AI, and cybersecurity are transforming business.

Sylabs will be addressing the audience and his fellow panelist as they discuss how they are winning in AI.  Greg will discuss bringing High Performance Computing (HPC) to the Enterprise through containers, by providing a secure and repeatable method to package applications and their dependencies into a single file that is cryptographically verifiable to ensure 100% reproducibility.  Singularity, is seeing wide-spread adoption in a new market segment called Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC).  EPC is the emerging market of jobs classified as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, compute driven analytics, and data science.  Sylabs changes how organizations consider and use technology to provide a repeatable scientific platform for their advanced scale computing needs.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join us at the conference! Join Greg and his panel:

  • Alex Salkever, Writer and Futurist
  • Catherine Havasi, Chief Strategy Officer, Luminoso
  • Jennifer Kloke, VP of Product Innovation, Ayasdi
  • Jeremy Howard, Founder,

on July 11 at 3:20 pm Orange Silicon Valley’s Artificial Intelligence, real business conference.

To register for the event, please visit:

access code: osvaicon

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