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A Glimpse Into Singularity 3.0

A glimpse into Singularity 3.0

At Sylabs, our mission is to help guide the development of the open source container system know as Singularity. Today, we’d like to bring more light to the features pertinent to the upcoming release of Singularity (3.0):

Singularity 3.0.0  – Target features

  • Achieve parity with 2.6, include some minor changes in usage and functionality, but compatible with CLI and recipe API.
  • Base code re-write into Go/C golang implementation
    • Golang LibSingularity pkg for 3rd party integrations
    • Extensive back-end functionality which allows easy extension of Singularity framework to other projects
    • New image building subsystem
    • Privilege separation security model
    • OCI container compatibility
  • SIF (Singularity Image Format) SIF Lab note
    • Implemented in Go
    • All new Singularity images build in the SIF format
    • Container image runtimes are now cryptographically signed and verifiable
  • Key management Platform (based in PGP)– Signing / Verification
  • Integration With SyCloud services:
    • Remote Build Service
    • Container Library Service
    • Key Management Service (KeyStore)
  • Enhanced Instances support (start/stop, boot, virtual hosts and instance bundling)
  • Basic networking management for containers (when running as root)
  • CGroup support (when running as root)

As you can see, the Singularity team has been busy,… very busy, and it comes with great pleasure that we release the first alpha version of Singularity v3.0. This is a development preview, and we encourage members of the community to take part in this development by testing and playing with that alpha tag and the master branch of Singularity. You can find the installation instructions here and issues, comments and features should be posted here.

Stay tuned, and as always, we welcome your feedback and contributions.
Are we missing something? Tell us what you think!

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