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Last month in Dallas, in excess of 13,000 conference delegates were inspired by HPC at the industry’s main event, namely SC18. In our ongoing follow-up regarding this 30th anniversary edition, we are delighted to share here a presentation delivered by Sylabs’ engineering coordinator Dave Godlove in the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) booth. In an intimate setting on the exhibits floor, Dave covers substantial ground in this ten minute talk entitled “Singularity: Simple, Secure Containers,” that includes:

  • The uniqueness of Singularity as a solution for containerization
  • Features just released with version 3.0 of the software
  • The symbiotic relationship between Sylabs and Singularity

Although the video below only captures the presentation component of Dave’s session, there was a vibrant, interactive Q&A opportunity that followed the talk.

There are already a number of SDSC projects that are making use of Singularity containers. Although we’re not quite ready to share the details yet, we encourage you to stay tuned to find out how this uptake is fueling collaborations of other kinds.

Dave’s presentation in the SDSC booth at SC18 follows below. To get started with Singularity containers, we encourage you to start here.

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