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TL;DR: Our past workshops have been incredibly well received; we will be hosting more Singularity workshops in Houston and San Diego in Q1 2019, please join us!

Before it even began, we anticipated that SC18 was going to provide a number of opportunities to learn about Singularity. This was especially true for the tutorials, workshops, and Q&A sessions that allowed for rapid immersion into containerization via Singularity. Many of these sessions were lead by our own Eduardo Arango Gutierrez. Because Eduardo also contributes code to open source Singularity, his sessions are exceedingly well received for both their technical breadth and depth.

Singularity, and the ecosystem that surrounds it, remain under active development. For this reason, Eduardo maintains material for these Singularity tutorials online in one of his GitHub repos. After introducing Singularity, Eduardo’s hands-on sessions emphasize (in sequence):

  • Installation of the Singularity software
  • Building and running Singularity containers
  • Working with container portals such as the Singularity Cloud
  • Instances of Singularity containers
  • Leveraging GPUs for HPC and Deep Learning
  • Container-related miscellany

Although you could work through this material on your own, the benefits of in-person sessions with peers continues to prove invaluable. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, there are already two significant opportunities to engage in hands-on technical sessions in person:

  • RiceU Conference (March 6, Houston) – On the final day of the 2019 Rice University Oil & Gas HPC Conference, there will be a morning long workshop devoted to Singularity. Although the plan is to provide industry-relevant examples, this will be an excellent opportunity to work through Eduardo’s material with members of Sylabs and the Singularity development team. Though the Conference emphasizes HPC and Deep Learning in energy exploration, the workshop is available to anyone in the Houston area. Details for the workshop are available online here.
  • Singularity User Group (March 12-13, San Diego) – The following week in San Diego, Eduardo himself will lead a tutorial at the inaugural meeting of the Singularity User Group (SUG). Brought to the Community by the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) and Sylabs, SUG is intended to provide a venue for Singularity users, developers, and providers to share and thereby learn from each other. Eduardo’s tutorial is an important part of the event, as it is intended to provide those less familiar with Singularity an immediately valuable introduction to the software, and allow them to be adequately prepared for the rest of the SUG event – where it is increasingly evident that broader and deeper dives into Singularity and its ecosystem will be provided.

Based on past experience, we know that sessions like these are in demand and therefore fill up fast. If you’re around the Houston or San Diego areas in the March 2019 timeframe, you might want to seize these opportunities to fast-track your engagement with Singularity.

Singularity adoption has reached the point that people like Eduardo and other members of Sylabs and the Singularity development team aren’t the only ones putting on technical sessions along these lines. In many cases, you may not need to look too far, as local academic and government organizations host such sessions on a regular basis. Of course, check back here on our website, as we’ll continue to share updates on the sessions we know about.

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