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Sylabs was founded by the creators of SingularityPRO—the high-performance container technology specifically designed to enhance Enterprise Performance Computing by building containers that support HPC, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to provide “intelligence anywhere.”

SingularityPRO and its open source predecessor Singularity Community fill the gap between microservice-oriented container technologies and full virtualization by easily moving batch-style workloads over the network and achieving bare-metal performance—without compromising security.

Our commitment to open source

The open source release of Singularity Community will never go away, we will continue with a more rapid release schedule than SingularityPRO’s, and will benefit from Sylabs’ momentum.

Sylabs will officially maintain and support chosen releases of the open source-based Singularity Community as SingularityPRO. SingularityPRO packages will be on a slower release cadence with respect to the Community version to better facilitate Sylabs customers’ needs.

Moving open source forward

Together with Gregory Kurtzer—the founder of Singularity and CEO of Sylabs—the members of the Sylabs team are committed to building on the foundation of the open source community. The success of Sylabs, SingularityPRO, and Singularity Community hinges on the joint partnership among the open source community, Sylabs’ employees, Sylabs’ service partners, and the customers who build their infrastructures on Sylabs’ products. Together, we can move open source forward.

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