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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Greg Kurtzer | CEO/Founder

For 20 years, Greg focused on scientific HPC at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. During that time, Greg not only designed Singularity Community, but he also created several other well-known open source projects, including Warewulf and CentOS Linux.

Greg Kurtzer | CEO/Founder

For 20 years, Greg focused on scientific HPC at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. During that time, Greg not only designed Singularity Community, but he also created several other well-known open source projects including Warewulf and CentOS Linux.

Giovanni Coglitore

RStor CEO, Sylabs Board

Matteo Daste

RStor General Counsel

Johnathan Dooley

Acting CFO, Advisor

John Kenevey

Strategic Advisor

Yannick Côté

Senior Software Engineer

Yannick is the brains behind the Singularity Image Format (SIF), data storage strategies, and various security features. Yannick spent more than a decade with Canadian intelligence agencies where he worked on Linux system and kernel features, HPC interconnects, and hypervisors.

Dave Godlove

Engineering Coordinator

Dave develops the Singularity build system and focuses on the user interface. Previously, Dave was a neuroscientist and computational biologist at the National Institutes of Health.

Michael Bauer

Software Engineer

Michael is a container expert who worked with the Singularity development team for almost two years before the creation of Sylabs—first as an open source contributor, and then as a full-time employee at RStor. Michael is currently leading the partial migration of Singularity Community to Go.

Cedric Clerget

Software Engineer

Cedric works on security aspects and general, all-around bug fixing. Residing in France, Cedric’s work on lowering the exposure surface has been critical to Singularity’s success.

Carl Madison

Software Engineer

Carl works on the Singularity core and Singularity Cloud. In addition to owning 17 patents, Carl has experience with Linux development and with several successful startup companies.

Jason Stover

Software Engineer

Jason leverages his diverse experience to develop back-end solutions, improve the underlying Singularity infrastructure, and resolve problems that occur “under the hood.”

Adam Hughes

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Adam has over ten years of experience designing, developing, and optimizing software. He specializes in real-time operating systems, large-scale distributed systems, and leading technical teams to surpass desired outcomes and deliver highly performant, reliable solutions.

Eduardo Arango

Developer Advocate

Eduardo is a PhD student at Universidad del Valle, Colombia, on Cloud computing architecture. His areas of research are High Performance Computing, Linux containers, distributed Systems, and cloud computing.

Paulo Souza

Software Engineer

Before turning his focus to portable Singularity Community containers, Paulo worked for 13 years with Oil & Gas production geophysics software and seismic imaging on HPC clusters.

Sasha Yakovtseva

Software Engineer

Sasha is a versatile and extremely savvy engineer with a love of mathematics and all things tech.

Westley Kurtzer

Software Engineer

Westley began his professional career playing around with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. His passion for all things electronic drives his desire to build and create.

Andre Marcelo-Tanner

Software Engineer

Andre has over 18 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the e-commerce industry, building online distributed systems on large databases, and tackling hard problems at scale.

Joana Chavez

Software Engineer

With a strong focus on web and API development, Joana has collaborated on projects in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. Joana’s primary areas of interest include bioinformatics, security, and networking.

Mike Gray

Software Engineer

Mike has helped existing startups like Netscape and Attic Labs, and even earlier startups like
AvantGo, KACE, Los Altos Research Center, and LARC Networks, and helping lead them to
successful exits with IPOs, acquisitions, and product launches.

Ian Kaneshiro

Software Engineer

Ian is currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. Ian spent the last three years as a member of Michigan Hybrid Racing, working on their controls team.

Jia Li

Full Stack Developer

Li has more than 10 years’ experience building enterprise software. As the core contributor for angular/zone.js, Li now works as Full Stack Developer on Singularity Cloud.

Justin Cook

Quality Assurance Engineer

Justin comes to us from Cray, Inc where he spent 10 + years developing software in a High-Performance Computing environment. He is dedicated to helping customers solve their most challenging problems.

Matt Hayden

Project Manager and Contract Compliance Officer

Matt has a degree in Criminal Science,13 years experience in law enforcement with the State of California, and 4 years military service with the United States Marine Corps. He is well adapted to managing and leading engineering meetings.

Luca Gibelli

Open-source enthusiast

Co-founder of ClamAV, Luca has been inventing open source-based solutions for business problems since 2003.

Keith Cunningham

Business Development

With humor and cleverness, Keith combines his personal interests and professional experiences to create the energy required to model, shape, and build Sylabs.

Kai Nau

Technical Sales

Kai is a self-taught techie with a passion for the written word and an eye for detail.

Shara Hayden

Executive Assistant

For 15 years, Shara has served as an Executive Assistant, Office Supervisor, and Office Case Manager. Shara also has a strong legal background.

Erin Fong

Marketing and Events Coodinator

Erin is a University of California, Davis graduate with 7 years of experience wearing a multitude of hats in the manufacturing/import industry focusing on the areas of business operations, logistics, marketing, and business development.

Gwendolyn Kurtzer

Copy Editor

Editing comes easily and naturally to Gwendolyn. She reads, edits, and approves the written word for with great skill.

Rose Stein

Human Resource Manager

Rose has 15 years of experience coaching, mentoring, and teaching subjects ranging from nutrition and health to NLP.

Melanie Gomez

Partner & Sales Coordinator

Melanie has over 15 years of sales administration, training & education, and program management experience within the Medical Device and Healthcare industries. Throughout her career she has helped bring many disruptive technologies to market for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Nuvasive, Stryker Robotics, and Vanderbilt’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

Ian Lumb

Technical Writer

Although Ian’s been making his way around the HPC solution stack for over 20 years, this is the first time he’s been contained by it. In turn, Ian actively seeks to containerize HPC, Data Science and Machine Learning via Singularity through a combination of words and technology.

Jess Mahan

Software Engineer

Jess is a software engineer and has been an active member of the open-source community for over 15 years. He has been featured in Linux Magazine and is the author of the popular VPN software Ctunnel.

Sushma Yellapragada

Sylabs Intern

Sushma is an undergraduate student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Participation in SC17 and other Scientific Computing conferences attracted her to HPC and Singularity. Her previous experience includes working as a Web Developer, a Data Analyst and Machine Learning Research intern.

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