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Providing a data portal and a versioning system for everyone, DataLad lets you have your data and control it too. DataLad has built-in support for metadata extraction and search. With only a few steps, you can search through a large…

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CycleCloud makes it easy to create HPC clusters in the cloud, orchestrating workloads from the user to overcome the challenges typically associated with cloud HPC. CycleCloud supports Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS platforms, along with VPC (so it…

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Software for Accurately Identifying Locations Of RNA-editing (SAILOR) SAILOR implements published methodologies to assess adenosine to inosine changes in RNA-SEQ data for easy identification of transcriptome-wide editing. The SAILOR pipeline is available as both a CWL workflow and as a…

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Sequana / Sequanix

Sequana is a versatile tool that provides A Python library dedicated to NGS analysis (e.g., tools to visualise standard NGS formats). A set of pipelines dedicated to NGS in the form of Snakefiles (Makefile-like with Python syntax based on snakemake…

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