Our mission

Bring the power of Singularity to the enterprise market.

The Company

Sylabs was founded with the mission to provide high performance computing container solutions and services to help bring enterprise and HPC commercial markets to the next level.


Our commitment to Open-Source

The open source release of Singularity will never go away, will continue with a more rapid release schedule than that of Singularity Pro, and will benefit from Sylabs momentum.

Sylabs will be officially maintaing and supporting chosen releases of the Open Source version of Singularity as Singularity Pro. Singularity Pro packages will be on a slower release cadence with respect to the Open Source version to better facilitate Sylabs customers needs.


A life in Open-Source

Gregory Kurtzer, the founder of Singularity and CEO of Sylabs, is also the founder of two other Open Source projects: CentOS and Warewulf. Gregory has a strong history of supporting the open source community. He is firmly committed to being the best possible steward to the open source project and its community.

Along with Gregory, the members of the Sylabs team are committed to building on the foundation of the open source community. Sylabs will only be successful via the joint partnership of the open source community, Sylabs employees, our Service Partners, and more importantly the customers who build their infrastructures on our products.

To that point, we are actively seeking a community manager to help with this project. If you have experience in this type of role, do get in touch with us.