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Whether you build planes, automobiles, or semiconductors, your manufacturing processes are changing. They are becoming smarter, more automated, and more data-intensive. Today’s “smart manufacturing solutions” enable you to collect, manage, and analyze data as it moves from the production line to the core—and Singularity is the perfect container platform to support all your smart manufacturing workloads.


The aerospace industry is changing at a very rapid pace. New trends include:

  • Zero-fuel aircraft that use photovoltaic panels to utilize solar energy to provide the necessary thrust to the engines.
  • Structural health monitoring that enhances technicians’ ability to analyze and determine the health of an aircraft.
  • Advanced space propulsion technologies, such as plasma-based rocket propulsion.

Bringing these exciting new technologies to life requires a scalable, high-performance platform such as Singularity. Using Singularity containers and their unique packaging paradigm, aerospace engineers can package entire development environments in a 100% reproducible format and distribute them as a 100% trusted file. These files can be safely and efficiently shared among engineering teams to speed the development and test processes—enabling new aerospace breakthroughs in less time. 

Autonomous-driving cars

More than any other trend in the automotive industry, autonomous-driving (self-driving) cars are gaining the most attention and traction. Even though self-driving cars are not yet common, the technology is being tested all over the world. If predictions are correct, autonomous driving will soon be the norm, made possible by collaboration between many advanced technologies.

Autonomous-driving cars are fueled by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Without these advanced technologies, autonomous driving would not be possible. Supporting these technologies requires a platform tailored for high performance under extremely demanding workloads. And this is what Singularity is all about.

Offering a revolutionary approach to containers, Singularity enables the voice recognition applications that run autonomous-driving cars to be packaged in containers. These containers are 100% portable, so they can be moved from the vehicle to a central data center or cloud and back again as necessary to carry out voice-activated commands. Built-in security ensures the protection of each container as it moves across the network.


The automotive industry is standing on the brink of what could be its most significant period of transformation. Fueled by the ubiquitous digital transformation occurring across industries, the automotive transformation includes future-focused innovations like:

  • Autonomous-driving cars that respond to voice-recognition applications
  • Connected vehicles, designed to share information about driving conditions, traffic, and more.
  • Blockchain, for creating an accurate, trusted protocol for the supply chain.
  • 3D printing, for designing cars that better withstand crashes.
  • Electric vehicles, which are gaining a more significant foothold as we face ever-dwindling non-renewable fuel sources and turn to electric vehicles as a viable option.

Developing all these innovations can be faster, easier, and safer with Singularity containers. Delivered in a runtime format, Singularity can be used anywhere, on any platform, to support not only the development of new applications but also to test them and run them in a production environment. With Singularity, automotive manufacturers can safely share containerized applications across development teams and regional facilities, enabling greater collaboration and faster time to market.

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