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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Technology is disruptive—in a good way. Looking to the future, organizations operating in the oil and gas industry should consider the following trends:

  • Re-engineering technology
  • The “no-collar workforce,” where humans and machines work together
  • Enterprise data sovereignty
  • Creating a “new core”

Offering a revolutionary approach to containers, Singularity enables oil and gas companies to capitalize on the technology disruptors common in the industry today. With Singularity’s all-in-one design, unique packaging paradigm, and universal distribution format, oil and gas companies can take essential strides toward:

  • Building new IT delivery models
  • Fostering collaboration across geographically disparate locations
  • Sharing information across business units, departments, and geographies
  • Capitalizing on the organization’s digital potential

Seismic exploration and drilling

Searching for subsurface deposits of crude oil, natural gas, and minerals requires drilling and seismic exploration. Performing these activities requires high-end HPC compute environments that support parallel workflows, scalable performance, and seamless operations that extend from the edge to the core to the cloud. As the application format for “the everywhere” of edge computing, Singularity is designed to safely and securely move seismic data from oil rigs at sea to the central data center, where the data can be analyzed, processed, and later used to enhance the exploration procedures. With Singularity containerization, analytics jobs can run in a repeatable fashion anywhere.

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