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Free Community Version vs. SingularityPRO Enterprise Version

Which version of Singularity meets the needs of your organization?


Please see below, or our PDF briefs, for details regarding Singularity as well as the differences between the free Community version and the SingularityPRO enterprise version.


A uniquely different container solution

Built on the Singularity Community code base, SingularityPRO includes enterprise-grade features to deliver a strong, highly secure container platform:

  • Commitment to long-term support for releases of Singularity
    • Security patches and bug-fixes will be backported into new releases of SingularityPRO
    • Administrators can patch their current version of SingularityPRO, rather than continually updating the Singularity code base to the latest open source version
  • Early releases of security patches, delivered to SingularityPRO customers before they are released to the open source community
  • Stability, by providing long-term support, along with bug and security fixes
  • Customized service/support options, so users can choose the tiered service/support option that best meets their needs

Access to a vast ecosystem of resources

SingularityPRO’s advanced ecosystem of resources not only extends the overall value of the platform, but also extends its ease of use and security. Some of these resources include:

  • Remote Builder—For streamlining container creation. By enabling administrators to build containers in a sandboxed/isolated manner, SingularityPRO supports automation and the fluid, continuous integration of workflows common in today’s DevOps procedures.
  • Library—For hosting SingularityPRO containers, either on-premises in your data center or in the Sylabs cloud. Upload, download, search, and browse for containers in public and private areas; share private containers with other users or via generated links.
  • Key-Signing Services—For creating trusted containers with cryptographic signing. This approach provides provenance regarding the author or entity of creation.

To purchase SingularityPRO, click here; to obtain support, professional services or education, contact us here or via email to

Or Join the Community to obtain the free Community version.

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