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Providing a data portal and a versioning system for everyone, DataLad lets you have your data and control it too. DataLad has built-in support for metadata extraction and search. With only a few steps, you can search through a large…

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NVIDIA HPC Container Maker (HPCCM)

HPC Container Maker (HPCCM) generates container specification files, either Dockerfiles or Singularity recipe files, based on a "recipe." A recipe specifies the series of steps to be performed when building a container. The recipe format is described elsewhere. Recipes provide…

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Software for Accurately Identifying Locations Of RNA-editing (SAILOR) SAILOR implements published methodologies to assess adenosine to inosine changes in RNA-SEQ data for easy identification of transcriptome-wide editing. The SAILOR pipeline is available as both a CWL workflow and as a…

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Sequana / Sequanix

Sequana is a versatile tool that provides A Python library dedicated to NGS analysis (e.g., tools to visualise standard NGS formats). A set of pipelines dedicated to NGS in the form of Snakefiles (Makefile-like with Python syntax based on snakemake…

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NOTE: gpu4singularity is deprecated for most uses (except maybe compiling against driver libs at bootstrap and some other weird stuff). If you are using Singularity >= 2.3, use the experimental option --nv to grant your containers GPU support at runtime.…

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KERN is a bi-annually released set of radio astronomical software packages. It contains most of the tools that a radio astronomer needs to work with radio telescope data. KERN bundles a fixed set of these tools together so it becomes…

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