Meet the Team

Sylabs Inc. was founded by a team of HPC and open-source veterans led by Greg Kurtzer.


Greg Kurtzer

CEO / Founder

Greg spent the last 20 years focusing on scientific HPC for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. During that time he has also created several well-known open source projects like Warewulf and CentOS Linux.

Giovanni Coglitore

RStor CEO, Sylabs board

Jonathan Dooley

Acting CFO, Advisor

Matteo Daste

RStor General Counsel

John Kenevey

Strategic Advisor



Yannick Côté

Senior Software Engineer

Yannick is the brains behind the SIF (Singularity image format), data storage strategies and various security features. Yannick spent over a decade with Canadian intelligence agencies where he worked on Linux system and kernel features, HPC interconnects and hypervisors.

David Godlove

Software Engineer

Dave develops the Singularity build system and focuses on the user interface. Previously, Dave was a neuroscientist and computational biologist at the National Institutes of Health. Dave likes cows.

Michael Bauer

Software Engineer
Michael is a container expert who has been with the Singularity development team for almost two years before the creation of Sylabs: first as an open source contributor, then as a full time employee at RStor. Michael is currently leading the partial migration of Singularity to Go.

Cedric Clerget

Software Engineer
Cedric works on security aspects and general, all-around bug squashing. Residing in France, and having (arguably) the best accent on our team, his work on lowering the exposure surface has been critical.

Carl Madison

Software Engineer

Carl works on Singularity core and Singularity Cloud. Carl brings many years of Linux development as well as past experience with several successful startup companies. He also has 17 patents to his name...

Jason Stover

Software Engineer

Jason uses his diverse experience to develop back-end projects, infrastructure and things that go on "under the hood" as well as coming to the rescue to help those in need.

Adam Hughes

Software Engineer

Adam has over ten years of experience designing, developing, and optimizing software. He specializes in real-time operating systems, cooking on his cloud-connected charcoal grill, and large-scale distributed systems... and making lists.

David Trudgian

Software Engineer

After studying AI before deep learning was cool, Dave worked for 9 years in biomedical research computing and HPC. Interests include using containers to enable reproducible, accessible science.

Eduardo Arango

Software Engineer
Computer Science PhD student at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, working on containerized distributed systems for research computing, with high focus on Climate change simulations. Former 2nd row rugby player.

Keith Cunningham

Business Development

With humor, and sometimes sharp wit, Keith combines his personal interests and professional experiences into an energy to model, shape and build Sylabs. He has truly opened himself to the opportunity of a spontaneous experience.

Paulo Souza

Software Engineer
Paulo has been working for 13 years with Oil & Gas production geophysics software and seismic imaging on HPC clusters. Now he works with open source portable HPC Singularty containers.

Ian Kaneshiro

Software Engineer

Currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. Has spent the last three years as a member of Michigan Hybrid Racing working on their controls team.

Luca Gibelli

Still choosing his hat

Co-founder of ClamAV, open-source enthusiast, started building cool things in 2003 and since then never looked back to 9-to-5 jobs.

Joana Chavez

Software Engineer

With a strong focus on web and API development, Joana has collaborated to projects around Europe, Latin America and USA. Her main areas of interest are Bioinformatics, Security and Networking.

Shara Hayden

Executive Assistant

Shara has 15+ years-experience in the capacity of an Executive Assistant, Office Supervisor and Office Case Manager, with a strong background in legal.

Jia Li

Full Stack Developer

Li has over ten years of experience building enterprise software, he is the core contributor of angular/zone.js, now works as full stack developer on Singularity Cloud.

Our team is growing, we are hiring!