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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Making what was previously impossible, possible

Released in 2016, Singularity Community is an open source-based container platform designed for scientific and high-performance computing (HPC) environments. Used by more than 25,000 top academic, government, and enterprise users, Singularity Community is installed on more than 3 million cores and trusted to run over a million jobs each day.

In addition to enabling greater control over the IT environment, Singularity Community also supports Bring Your Own Environment (BYOE)—where entire Singularity environments can be transported between computational resources (e.g., users’ PCs) with reproducibility.

Moving beyond microservices
With Singularity Community, the entire execution environment is contained within a single file that starts with a base Linux® file system, augmented by applications, libraries, data, scripts, and all parts of the containerized application’s workflow. Each container becomes a process that can be deployed and started on tens of thousands of nodes with minimal effort.

By moving away from the microservices architecture embraced by other container platforms, Singularity Community’s unique design meets HPC users’ needs for a container solution that not only offers high performance, but also supports mobility, reproducibility, and seamless integration within the existing environments.

Enhancing security
In addition to using a single-file container format that can be signed and verified, Singularity Community does not allow privilege escalation—effectively preserving isolation, privacy, and security. And with Singularity—the universal binary executable format for the multi-premises and multi-cloud universe—you can package up entire application environments with cryptographic immutability and trust.

Contributing to the open source community
As an open source project, Singularity Community accepts input from developers located anywhere in the world. To contribute to the Singularity project, simply search for the Singularity project on GitHub and submit a pull request.

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